Clamping And Towing Info


  • Do not attempt to remove the immobilisation device, as you could face proceedings for criminal damage and your vehicle could be towed.
  • Do not attempt to drive your vehicle while the immobilisation device is attached to the vehicle.
  • If you decide on a cash payment you must be at your vehicle when our Enforcement Officer arrives, with the correct amount.
  • If you make a online, credit/debit card or laser card payment then you do not need to be at your vehicle when it is being de- clamped.
  • When your vehicle is de- clamped then the vehicle must be removed from the offending area within one hour or the vehicle may be immobilised again.

The Enforcement Officer is employed by RFC to clamp and de- clamp vehicles in accordance with the rules and regulations of this area. Once the car is clamped the Enforcement Officer is not authorised to release the clamp until instructed by the control room.


Q. Who Clamped My Vehicle?

A. Your vehicle was clamped by RFC Car Park Management who is the agents to carry out and enforce the parking rules and regulations at this location.

Q. Why Was I Clamped?

A. Your vehicle was clamped because it was parked in contravention (see overleaf of documentation) of the location rules and regulations. The rules are clearly signposted within this location.

Q. How Do I Get My Car Released?

A. You should make contact with our control room by phone and arrange a payment. When payment has gone through your car will be released by an authorised Enforcement Officer. The immobilisation device cannot be removed releasing air from your tyre or removing the wheel as the chain goes through the axil of the car.

Q. Can I Appeal This Decision?

A. Yes, see below for details. The fine needs to be paid before an appeal can be made. You can view your clamp details at by using the EN Number and your registration number.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Have My Vehicle Released After Payment?

A. RFC aims to de-clamp vehicles efficiently and will do ASAP. But under legislation we do have a maximum of 2 hours to respond to a de-clamp.


We accept no liability for any loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, waste of management or office time or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable.


You can go to to pay online by entering the EN number and your registration number in the customer services section.  You can also request a cash payment when you ring our control room and we will dispatch an Enforcement Officer who will take cash on arrival, alternatively payments can be made by credit/debit card or laser over the phone.


If you wish to appeal against this vehicle immobilisation you should submit your case in Letter Form.  All correspondence must include your name, address, reference number and vehicle registration.

Please supply any evidence that you have with your appeal. All appeals are genuinely pursued and the decision to accept or reject an appeal is based on evidence supplied.

It is important that you supply all of the evidence to support the appeal. RFC Car Park Managementwill not enter into multiple appeal processes. You have 60 days to appeal or your appeal will not be submitted Please allow 21 days for response. (See postal Address Below) or you can submit your appeal through our website


PLEASE NOTE that if there is any interference or damage to RFC Carpark Management Property this will result in your vehicle been towed and impounded.

All the cost incurred will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Please note that after a 24-hour period if you have not paid the full fine your vehicle is liable to be Relocated and impounded, The Impound Yard is only Open Between the Hours of 09:00 to 16:00 Monday To Friday times Subject to change,  failure to pay the fine for the impounded vehicle may result in your vehicle been destroyed after a 48 day period.

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