Appeal A Clamp

If Your Vehicle Has Been Clamped And You Wish To Appeal Then Use The Form Below.

Our employee’s are trained to issue parking violations, this training includes issuing tickets, clamping vehicles and also de-clamping vehicles.

Once a clamp has been placed on a vehicle our employee’s are instructed to leave a clamp on until such a time as the de-clamping fee has been paid in full.

However, there are an extremely limited number of circumstances where this process may be deviated from. And a clamp maybe removed prior to payment being made.

It must be stressed that generally these instances are reserved for emergency situations only.

There are other certain circumstances where an error has been made or other valid reasons you vehicle should not have been clamped but full payment has been made, and you are due a full refund as a result.

For these situations you have the right to submit an appeal. To initiate the appeals process please fill in the form below. We will then contact you with the result of your appeal. Or if we require further information we will also contact you prior to a decision being made.

All appeals should be submitted no later that 60 days from the date of the occurrence of the clamping activity.

As part of the clamping process you will have received a unique notification number. Please ensure you provide that as part of your appeal.

Please be aware that once your appeal has been submitted using the form below it can take up to 21 days for us to respond. We thank you for your patience in this matter.

Appeals Application

If you experience any issue submitting details through our contact form below, please follow these steps and submit your application via email.

If you are applying for a parking  permit, please send an email to

The subject matter must be “ Appeals application “

The contended must include the following

  • Development name
  • Applicant name
  • Contact number
  • Vehicle registration
  • Postal address
  • Proof of address attached

Any mail not following this format will be rejected

Submit Your Appeal Below:

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